One Touch Audio and Video, LLC - Commercial and Residential Custom AV Systems
Residential Services
     One Touch Audio and Video, LLC. provides the structured wiring of networks and more, to maximize current and future home control and entertainment Solutions. We offer wiring configuration options for Smart Home automation, whole house A/V, Security, Lighting Control , Shading and much more.
      Wiring options are available as either a Standard Packages, or a Custom Design System and can be executed PRE or POST Drywall Installation
   Multi-Room Audio and Video systems allows you as the homeowner to control and share centrally located your A/V equipment from any room in the House making it a Very Clean installation and Convenience for any one to use.
 OneTouch Audio And Video, Inc provides a CUSTOM DESIGNED Theater Solutions.
   Our Solutions are from just a Plasma or LCD TV with surround Sound , to a Full Dedicated Home Theater.
  One Touch Audio And Video has the expertise for the job, Our A/V professionals will work to make your Home Theater dream a reality, from a simple design to build out.
  One Touch Audio And Video, Inc will work with Homeowners and designers to create an ambiance to compliment each living environment of your current home or future home.
  Lighting Control systems are one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects when creating personal home living environments. One touch audio and Video lighting control systems are designed to offer the homeowner a variety of functions including remotes and local switching and dimming, timed fades, preset scenes and energy efficiency. We can programmed to work in conjunction with your home theater to provide automated sequencing all with One Touch of a Button, or have your lighting control synced with your home security system.
    Convenience, Control and Style is One Touch Audio And Video, LLC approach to creating the next generation of Smart Home.
  One Touch Audio And Video can integrate any device, placing complete control at the homeowners fingertips and enable to have complete control of their home through user interfaces, located locally in the home or remotely.
    Convenience and Functionality
  Most window treatments are left closed almost all of the time—for privacy, sun control, or just because they are hard to reach. In those cases, your windows may as well be walls. With One Touch Audio And Video controllable shading systems, you will use your window treatments all the time and enjoy the full benefits of all your windows every day.
   Consider the rooms of your home. Your living room may double as a home theater, requiring blackout shades for movie-theater darkness. In your living room, you’d like to control the intense sunlight, without obscuring the view. Explore a few examples of how natural light control can enhance the beauty and functionality in any space.
Family Room:
The family room is often a home’s central gathering point, the room that sees the widest range of activities. One Touch Audio And Video shading system offers push-button access to the perfect daylight level for all your activities, from watching TV without a glare to brightening your favorite reading corner.
Perhaps no room benefits more from remote-controlled shading systems than the bedroom. Greet the morning light from the comfort of your bed or close the draperies to create the perfect dark room for a weekend nap. Easily maintain as much privacy as you desire.
Whole House:
One Touch Audio And Video, LLC systems can connect every shade and light in your home, providing convenience and security. Push one button to make sure every shade is down, every drapery closed as you leave the house, or open them all and turn on the lights as you approach late at night.
Even while you’re away, your system can mimic your daily routine of adjusting shades and dimming and raising the lights so your house appears occupied. Our systems can also monitor sunlight and adjust the shades automatically throughout the day for the most U/V protection and thermal efficiency possible.